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About the GCA

The Glenmore Community Association Inc. is the homeowners' association for Glenmore, a private gated community with integral country club and equestrian center, located in Keswick, Virginia.


The GCA is a Non-Stock Corporation of Virginia, with its own Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Covenants and Restrictions of Glenmore, all of which provide the framework within which the association operates.  In addition, the Code of Virginia includes its own set of regulations known as the Property Owners Associations Act (POAA), to which the GCA must also adhere, in addition to the Non-Stock Corporation Act.  All of these can be viewed on our Regulations page.


The primary purpose of the GCA is to manage and maintain common property within Glenmore, specifically the common areas and road, in addition to ensuring regulations are adhered to. This includes the following key functions:


  • Maintenance of common areas, including grassy areas, lakes, shrubs, trees, and woodland, and stormwater infrastructure. This includes areas alongside Glenmore Way.


  • Maintenance of all roads, including resurfacing, repairs, shoulders, and road signs.


  • Management of the gatehouse, its equipment, staff, and procedures to control visitor entry.


  • Enforcement of regulations and conformance to Covenants and Restrictions.


  • Collection of dues, accounting, bill payments, and contracts management.


Approval of new buildings and landscaping is handled via the GCA's Architectural Review Board (ARB). Approvals of any changes to buildings, paint colors, structures and landscaping in individual lots is handled by its Architectural Review Committee (ARC).


The GCA also owns the equestrian property as common area. This is currently being leased to Cadeaux Show Stables, which independently manages the independelty run equestrian center.


Funding for the operations of the GCA is achieved through assessments (dues) payable by all homeowners in six-monthly instalments in February and August each year.


You may contact a board member using our Contact Us page.


Questions?  First try our Frequently Asked Questions page.




New Residents Booklet - download this information

for new residents here or pick up a booklet at the gatehouse.

History of the GCA --> New Residents Booklet