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We will send you an electronic Newsletter each month, highlighting recent items of news concerning the GCA or the Glenmore community as a whole.  We may also send you emails on a specific topics from time to time. (Bremerton Cottages and Scottish Homes residents will also receive emails from their respective associations.)

1. GCA Newsletters & Emails

To update your email address...


1. Look at the very bottom of the most recent Newsletter or email you have received from the GCA.  


2. Click on "Update Profile/Email Address", and answer the questions.


3. Don't forget also to log into your gatehouse information to update your password recovery email address in your "Contact Information". This is a separate system from our email lists.


...or you can just email us at



To Unsubscribe...


Click on "SafeUnsubscribe" at the very bottom of the most recent Newsletter or email you have received from the GCA.



Not been Receiving GCA Emails recently?...


You may have inadvertently unsubscribed in error. Just subscribe again as if you were a new subscriber!

We respect your privacy.  Our on-line communications service relies entirely on you to determine whether or not you wish to receive emails or other electronic communications, and puts you in full control.  You are able to opt-out with a single click on the "unsubscribe" link on every email we send out.  Your email address will not be provided to any third party, and will only used for communicating topics of genuine relevance to the Glenmore community.

In addition to Newsletters and emails, you may elect one primary email address per residence to receive on-line voting invitations, and other formal notifications from the GCA electronically*.  


*This means that you will NOT receive any of these by regular mail from the GCA. This is the preferred approach since it saves us the printing and mailing costs associated with traditional mailings, but we need your permission to do this.

2. Electronic Voting, & Notifications

When subscribing, you may register for one or more categories of GCA emails:

Exisiting Subscriber?

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