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Posts are provided at the discretion of the CARB.

You may do this, but be aware that there are costs and implications. You may have to tunnel the supply pipe below the street to comply with ACSA regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Certain high-visibility areas, such as the gatehouse area, grassy road medians, and roadsides on Glenmore Way, Piper Way and Paddington Circle, receive weekly mowing and trimming service during the growing seasons. The trees in these areas also receive regular care. The roadside grass in front of all vacant lots is mowed on a monthly basis. The other common areas, such as those beside and behind most of our home sites, are maintained as “natural areas”. The intent is to maximize their use as wildlife habitat, watershed, air purifier and natural forest beauty. Trees in these areas are rarely taken down or removed.

Common Area Maintenance

Mailbox posts   are   the     responsibility of homeowners, and must be constructed and maintained in accordance with the ARB guidelines.  


We have made arrangements with Mike Phillips, of Phillips Construction Co., to provide a repair or replacement service.  Contact him on 531-4443 or


The paint color of the post must be Black Forest Green, available from Benjamin Moore.


It is the responsibility of each homeowner to keep the Mailbox itself attractive and in good repair. If it needs to be replaced, you may purchase a standard extra large black mailbox at any hardware or home improvement store, or contact Mike Phillips as above.


If you want to replace the numbers on your mailbox post, you can get self-adhesive ones from Paul McGill Iron Works, at 4918 Richmond Rd, Keswick. You may contact Paul on 971-1007.


What do I do if... ?


Although the GCA board does not go around looking for violations to our governing documents, we do recognize the importance of maintaining standards of appearance within the community.  We therefore act on behalf of the community where necessary to resolve problems for which we receive complaints.  The board is empowered to take corrective action by itself, although this is done only after providing ample opportunity for the offending lot owner to correct the problem, and arrange for a hearing if the violation is contested.

Enforcement of Regulations

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... my neighbor is not maintaining

   his/her property


   - Inadequate mowing

   - Insufficient weeding

   - Downed trees not removed

   - Grass clippings/debris in yard

   - Toys/sports equipment left


   - RVs/Boats/Trucks in driveways

   - Any other unsightly problems


First:  Talk to your neighbor!  Most times he/she will willingly correct the situation when asked.


Second: Only if this fails should you contact the GCA board member responsible for conformance with regulations.  If there is a clear violation of regulations, the GCA will act on behalf of the community to ensure that the problem is resolved.

... nearby construction is causing an

   undue nuisance


 - Trash/Trash burning

 - Dirt on roads

 - Noise

 - Engaging in construction before or                

      after designated hours

First: Talk to the Contractor or Builder to see if they will cooperate.


Second: Talk to the Lot Owner, who is ultimately responsible.


Third: Only if both of these fail, you should contact the ARB at

...the common areas are not being

  maintained properly


 - Mowing (incl. mowing contractor


 - Tree maintenance

 - Downed trees

 - Walking paths

 - Area drainage ditches

Contact the GCA Maintenance Manager at



for Bremerton Cottages mowing problems contact


for Scottish Homes mowing problems,

...there is a problem relating to the


Contact the board member responsible for the Security Committee at

... I want to report a  problem with



 - Paving

 - Potholes

 - Snow removal

 - Issues with road maintenance  



Contact the board member responsible for the Glenmore Roads Committee at

... I want to report a  problem with



 - Barking

 - Off leash

 - Not cleaning up after

First:  Talk to the dog owner.

Second: Only if this fails should you contact the GCA  board member responsible for conformance with  regulations at


Note: Aggressive or barking dogs should be reported directly to Animal Control at 977-9041.

...I want to modify my home or yard


 - New structures: detached  

      buildings, sheds, satellite dishes

 - Additions, play structures (e.g.

      tree houses, forts, etc.)

 - Landscaping changes

 - Any exterior alterations to existing  

     structures, colors, or landscaping

 - removal of trees

For enquiries, contact the Architectural Review Committee at To submit an application for modifications, please refer to the instructions on the ARC page.


For new home construction contact the  ARB at

... I need a new post for my mailbox

See adjacent 'Mailboxes' article.

... I need a new mailbox

See adjacent 'Mailboxes' article.

... I want to mount a bluebird box on

   my mailbox post

You may do this, but you must paint it Black Forest Green to match the post.  Check with the gatehouse for a partially used can.

... What Color do I paint my mailbox post?

The mailbox post color is Black Forest Green, from Benjamin Moore. (First check with the gatehouse for paint).  The mailbox itself must be extra-large black.

... I have a problem with utilities


   Albemarle County Service

       Authority (ACSA)  977-4511


   Dominion Virginia Power or CVEC

   (866) 366-4357                    263-8336

Cable TV/Internet/Telephone:

   Comcast  (888) 266-2278

Satellite TV:

  AT&T/DirecTV (877) 707-9769

  Dish TV (855) 992-4558


   CenturyLink 974-6928

Propane Gas:

  Tiger Fuel 293-6157

  Amerigas  295-4194

 Foster Fuels 263-4500


  County Waste 296-6000

... I want to report a crime or suspicious activity

First, you MUST contact the Police directly using 911.  The gatehouse will not do so on your behalf, and are not police.  Alternatively, you can complete a simple on-line police report at:


After you have contacted the police, please let the gatehouse know of the incident, by calling 977-7019.

... I want to install an irrigation system.

... I need a Homeowners Association Disclosure Packet for selling my house

Sellers (or their agents) are required to provide a current Association Disclosure Packet to purchasers of their homes prior to closing.

Click here for details...

... I want to park a vehicle in the RV parking lot

The RV lot is privately owned, and not affiliated with the GCA.  You may contact the owner, Peter Sorensen, at 242-9432.

... I feel there should be roadside posts in front of my property

... I want to rent my house

You are required to keep the GCA informed of who is renting your property, as well as provide your own contact information - email us at

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