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Vice President, CARB Chair





Secretary, Communications Committee Chair










Water Resources Chair, ARC Chair, ARB





Security Committee Chair, Compliance Chair





Roads Committee Chair, ARB, ARC

2017 GCA Board Members

The board is also supported by these part-time paid volunteer staff:

* Terms expire February 2018

** Terms expire February 2019

*** Appointed by Glenmore Country Club

Board Meetings Minutes Plans



Bill Dunne*





Art Peters*





Becky Lindway*





Kevin Fitzpatrick**





Chuck Axten**





Ron Baellow***





Bob Smith**

Frank Keplinger






Barbara Grzymala






Dottie Martin





Trevor Joscelyne






Stevia Anda

Chief of Maintenance












Compliance Officer





IT, Membership & Communications Support





Secretary to the Board

The GCA Board of Directors is elected annually by the members in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation and Covenants and Restrictions of Glenmore.


One director is appointed by the owner of the Glenmore Country Club.  The remaining six directors are elected "at large" by the annual meeting of the Association, held in February each year. Each director is elected for a two-year term.


The Board is empowered to run all the operations of the Association on behalf of its members, within the constraints defined in the Covenants and Restrictions.


Unlike many homeowner associations, the GCA does not employ a property management company.  Instead, the board is supported by an excellent group of paid volunteer staff who look after most of the day-to-day functions of the GCA on a part-time basis.

About the Board:

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