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Posted 12/1/2017


The Board of Directors of the Glenmore Community Association (GCA) are in the process of updating and revising the C&Rs for Glenmore. As part of that process the Board wants to invite interested members of the Association to a Townhall Meeting on December 7th at 7:00PM at the Glenmore Country Club to discuss the C&Rs revisions and solicit inputs from the community.


The main purpose of the effort is to update the wording of the C&Rs which had the Glenmore Associates Limited Partnership (GALP) as main decision authority and in its place put the Glenmore Community Association (GCA). Since GALP went out of existence and all ownership rights were transferred to the GCA in 2016 this is a necessary action.  This version of the Amended and Restated C&Rs will replace the 1992 version with its five amendments and will become the new source document for the C&Rs.


To help those who would like to track the changes made to the current C&Rs, a word track version of the document is available for download by clicking the link at the top of this page.  The color key is as follows: additions to the C&Rs are in GREEN, deletions from the original wording are in RED, and movement of wording from one section to another is VIOLET.


There are a few proposed changes that are new to the C&Rs which are highlighted in YELLOW which we want to bring to the members attention specifically.  These are:


Article II, sec 1 adds that “No additional land outside the existing boundaries of Glenmore will be added to Glenmore.”  Under legal advice from counsel this serves to define the boundaries of Glenmore.


Article IV, sec 3(g) proposes changing the affirmative vote for sale or conversion of common areas from three fourths (3/4) to two thirds of the votes.  This will bring this one item inline with the three other areas in the C&Rs which require a super-majority vote of two thirds.


Article V, sec 4 proposes to change the voting requirement for special assessments from 51% to “ a majority.”  This is proposed for consistency as both terms are used for essentially the same criteria.


Article V, sec 5 proposes to delete wording that restricted construction impact fees of new construction to new development areas.  The fees would apply to all new house construction.  Under advice from counsel, the fee application could not be selective but should be applied uniformly.


Article X, sec 3(d) is an addition to clarify the GCA policy on transient lodging or short term rental of properties.  The current C&Rs are interpreted to prohibit this activity and this proposed section clarifies the limitations on home rentals.


Article XII  a proposed changed in the voting requirements for terminating the C&Rs from 51% to two thirds (2/3) of the voting members.  This is done for consistency as a simple change to the C&Rs in following sections require a two thirds (2/3) vote.  Likely an oversight in the developer’s initial documents.



Hopefully this is useful to the members in understanding the proposed Amended and Restated C&Rs.   The GCA membership will vote on approval of the proposed C&Rs by the Annual Meeting scheduled for February 22, 2018.  Approval will require a two thirds (2/3) affirmative vote by the voting members attending or proxy.


Hope to see you at the Townhall meeting on Dec 7th.


Bill Dunne

President, GCA


Covenant and Restrictions Revision (proposed)

         Download Revised C&Rs