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Glenmore Neighborhoods

There are three sections within Glenmore that have been designed as "neighborhoods".  These neighborhoods feature consistent lot sizes, complimentary home designs, common external grounds maintenance, and shared local common areas.

In order to maintain a consistent appearance, lawn service, etc., these neighborhoods manage their own homeowners associations (HOA). Homeowners in these sections are required to join the respective HOA and pay annual dues and/or assessments in addition to those required by the broader Glenmore Community Association (GCA). In all three neighborhoods, only the lawn services are provided; homeowners remain responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their homes exteriors. 

The three HOAs are separate legal entities from GCA with their own Boards of Directors, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Covenants and Restrictions. This allows them to act independently of the GCA particularly with regard to lot maintenance. The common areas are also subject to GCA regulations, so these now share ownership of their common areas as 'tenants in common' with the GCA.  A legal agreement between the GCA and each local association had been reached which defines the specific maintenance responsibilities of each, and the process for agreeing to changes of use and handling of disputes.  In summary, the local grassy common areas will be maintained by the SHA and BCA respectively, with all other common areas being maintained by the GCA.

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