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In November 2011 Albemarle County enacted the dedication to them of land for the Greenway Trail, which borders the Rivanna River.  This was proffered by the developer in 1992, and includes land previously owned by Glenmore Associates, Glenmore Country Club, and the GCA.  The trail occupies approximately 100 feet alongside the river, and is now maintained by the county Parks & Recreation Department.

Deed of Dedication to County:
          Greenway Trail (2011)

In May 2013 an agreement was reached with the developer to provide the GCA a seat on the Architectural Review Board, which approves all new construction, and had previosly been controlled entirely by the developer.  

The GCA had one vote, and Glenmore Associates had two votes. Guidelines could only be changed with the agreement of the GCA, and the GCA had to be a party to all approval decisions.  In exchange for this, the GCA agreed to forgive the $50,000 debt from a 2007 agreement to mitigate the impact of traffic on Darby Road due to Livengood and Leake developments. The legality of this agreement had been challenged by the developer.

In May 2014 a "Boundary Line Adjustment" was exeuted, whereby various parcels of residual land were deeded by Glenmore Associates to the GCA and BCA as additional Common Area. 

In February and July 2016 a final handover agreement and Deed of Trust were enacted with Glenmore Associates, by which all remaining undeveloped land in Glenmore was deeded to the GCA.  Additionally, the GCA took full control of the ARB, and Glenmore Associates  relinquished all further responsibilities with respect to the Glenmore community.

In 2018 ownership of the Glenmore Country Club changed hands.  It was discovered that no formal arrangements were in place for providing access through GCC property to the country trails, including access to the county-owned Rivanna Trail. Two formal easements were put in place to guarantee future access.

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