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As provided for in our Covenants and Restrictions, the CARB has the responsibility for approving any alteration, building, or landscaping on common areas within Glenmore. In practice this is extended to oversee the maintenance of such areas, and to recommend improvements to maintain or improve aesthetic appearance.  

Common Area Review Board (CARB)

The CARB is composed of between five and eleven members, one each nominted by the BCA and the SHA, and the rest nominated by the GCA Board of Directors.  Current members are:

This committee has the responsibility for overseeing Glenmore's security measures, including the operation and management of the gatehouse.  It also works with Albemarle County Police Department and Neighborhood Watch on issues relating to security, including organizing off-duty police patrols.

Current members are:

Budget & Finance Committee

The Budget & Finance Committee provides oversight of the financial dealings of the GCA. It prepares annual budgets for approval by the board, including revenues, expenditures, and reserve funding, and provides ongoing guidance on accounting and budget issues.

The Budget & Finance Committee is chaired by the Treasurer, and other members are nominated by the GCA Board of Directors.  Current members are:

This committee is responsible for managing the ongoing resurfacing and maintenance program for all Glenmore roads and paved footpaths.  It also provides guidance to the board on any other issues relating to road use.

Roads Committee

Current members are:

CARB Information & Minutes Security Committee Information GRC Information

The ARC, formed in 2010,  has the responsibility of approving alterations to buildings, structures, or landscaping on members' properties within Glenmore.  (These were previously the responsibility of the developer through the ARB, but were formally transferred to the GCA in October 2010).

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

Current members are:

ARC Information

Security Committee

Water Resources Committee

The Water Resources Committee was formed in 2015 from the expansion of the Stormwater Committee to include pond management.  It is charged with overseeing maintenance and repair of our water management infrastructure, including ponds, streams and dams, as well as ensuring stormwater quality requirements are met.


Kevin Fitzpatrick (Chair)


Art Peters


Kathy Ball (Activity Fields)


Rod Stoner (BCA Rep)


Mark Fitzpatrick (SHA Rep)


Sara DeGoa


Holly Kennedy


Frank Keplinger (Chief of  

      Maintenance - Staff Role)


Allyson Louthan (Multiuse



Don Sours (Walking Paths)


Steve Antonellis


Deborah Conway (Chair)


Art Peters


Bob Smith


 Specialist Advisors:

 - Jim Grigg (Architectural)

 - Frank Keplinger (Landscaping)


Bob Smith (Chair, GCA Board)


Jim Colbaugh


Andrea Miller


Don Sours


Vacant (Chair, GCA Board)


Trevor Joscelyne (IT support)


Dick Lavine


 Dottie Martin


 Pete Groh



Ron Poulsen (Chair & Treasurer)


Kevin Fitzpatrick


Fred Maute


Ron Poulsen (Chair)


Chuck Axten


Kristin Carter


Bill Dunne


Stewart Ferguson


 Staff Role:

Frank Keplinger (Chief of Maintenance)


Stewart Ferguson (Chair)


Larry Gregory


Chuck Axten


Bob Smith


Leif Karlsson



      Jim Grigg (Architectural)

      Frank Keplinger (Landscaping)


 Staff Role:

      John Kessler (Administrator)

The  ARB is responsible for approval of all new construction and landscaping. In 2016, after more than 22 years, control of the ARB was transferred from the developer (Glenmore Associates), to the GCA. The ARB is now administered by GCA.

Architectural Review Board (ARB)

Current members are:

Nominations Committee 

This ad hoc committee was established by the GCA Board to independently oversee the nomination and election processes for vacant GCA directors at the Annual Meeting.


Ben Benjamin (Chair)


Vin Cibbarelli


Cheryl Walker

The Chair of the Nominations Committee is appointed by the GCA Board of Directors. Other committee members are appointed by the Committee Chair.  Current members are:

Water Resources Committee 2015 Report

1. Standing Committees

Current members are:

Compliance Committee


Ron Baellow (Chair)


 Staff Role:

Dottie Martin (Compliance Officer)

Current members are:

2. Ad Hoc Committees

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2017 Reserve Study

Equestrian Center Committee


Bob Smith (Chair, GCA Board)


Bill Anda


Charlie Carter

Current members are:

The Compliance Committee is responsible for ensuring residents comply with the conditions stipulated within the Glenmore Covenants & Restrictions, as well as regulations approved by the GCA Board of Directors.

This newly formed committee is reponsible for overseeing the use of the Equestrian Center property on behalf of the GCA.

2018 Budget