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GCA Board Meetings


Schedule of Meetings

The GCA Board of Directors holds its regular meeting on the third Thursday of every month at 5:00 p.m. The venue (in-person or  virtual) of the meetings are posted on our Calendar of Events. Any changes to the dates or times will be announced on our News page.

As needed, on the first Thursday of every month, the GCA Board of Directors may hold a supplemental board meeting at 3:00 p.m to address GCA business that requires addition time and/or information. These meetings are, likewise, posted on our Calendar of Events. The Board will determine at its regular 3rd Thursday meeting whether a meeting on the 1st Thursday is needed.


Both of these meetings are open and all property owners are welcome to attend.  There will be opportunity to address the Board on any topic you wish whether or not the topic is on the agenda. Property owners who wish to speak at these meetings should contact Community Manager, Megan Burch at either of two email addresses:

Because some scheduled meeting dates may change due to inclement weather or board member schedules, it is a good idea to confirm the meeting date/time on this web site before attending. Also, such meetings may virtual through an online platforms. If this is the case, a link such a meeting will be posted in the News and Calendar of  Events.


Resolutions considered by the GCA board are included within the Board Minutes (see above). Certain resolutions  can impact our members and, so, it is customary for homeowners associations to publish a "Book of Resolutions" which separately lists all such resolutions.  Below is the electronic GCA Book of Resolutions together with the full text of more extensive regulations:


Certain resolutions may be enacted with a regulation. Below is the set of regulations enacted in 2022 by GCA:

2023 Regulations

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