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Bremerton Cottages Association

The Bremerton Cottages Association is dedicated to the maintenance, protection and improvement of the Bremerton Cottages community. The Association functions as the primary agent for the maintenance of the grassed common grounds within the cottage community, as well as providing for the maintenance of individual lots.  The GCA retains primary responsibility for maintenance of other common areas. The activities for the cottage community are organized through the elected board of the Bremerton Cottages Association.

Board of Directors

Rod Stoner  (President)

Kathleen Long (Vice President)

Tucker McQueen (Secretary)

Betsy Baten (Treasurer)

Jim Collins (Member at Large)

CARB Representative

Jim Collins

ARC Representative

Kathleen Long

Board Meetings

BCA Board Meetings are shown on our Calendar of Events and updates or changes will be broadcast on our News page. All meetings are planned for 1:00 PM at The Club at Glenmore.

June 21, 2022

Sept. 20, 2022                                                                                                                

Dec.20, 2022

Email for details.

Board Meetings generally are held quarterly or as needed. Residents of the Bremerton Cottages Association are welcome to attend all meetings; please send an email to to be included. Special meetings will be held as requested under the BCA Bylaws or as deemed necessary by the Board.


Committees will report after a quorum has been established and the minutes of the previous meeting have been approved. Public input will follow. We ask that each person wishing to speak limit their comments and concern to three minutes, subject to additional time for questions from the board. 


The Board will generally not comment on the speakers’ remarks during the input segment, but rather at a subsequent time. This will give the Board time to reflect upon, research, and discuss the issues raised. In rare cases, some questions and comments to the Board may possibly be answered after all public input, if an accurate answer is readily at hand. However, we prefer to provide a written answer to the questioner either by email or regular mail. 


Residents may also submit issues they’d like the board to address in writing/email several days prior to the meeting. These issues may be sent to

Board Meeting Schedule

All meetings of the BCA Board are shown on the GCA calendar at 1:00 PM at The Club at Glenmore.

June 21, 2022

Sept. 20, 2022                  

Dec.20, 2022

Board meetings have restarted in-person but future meetings will be held based on guidance from Virginia state officials. Please email


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Bremerton Cottages Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 752
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Financial Information


The BCA is governed by these legal documents, which are very similar to those governing the GCA. The most relevant to residents are the Covenants and Restrictions, which lay down the specific responsibilities of the association with regard to management and upkeep of individual lots as well as common areas.  In addition to these documents, the BCA must comply with the section of Virginia law known as the Property Owners Association Act, and provide a written Complaint Procedure.