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Special Notice

Glenmore Community Access

Access to the Glenmore community is controlled through our gatehouse guards and our automated gate systems. All access to Glenmore requires authorization by a resident, renter, or similar.


Residents, renters, club members, and certain employees can register with our gatehouse and be approved for vehicle access through our right-side automatic resident gate. This gate uses advanced camera imaging to detect vehicle license plates. Use the form below to register for this access.


Visitors, contractors, deliveries, and other short-term guests can enter Glenmore using the left-side entry lane, stopping by the gatehouse, and talking with the guard on-duty. Guests must be authorized by a resident, renter, or other contact.


Residents, renters, and certain other authorities are given broad privileges for authorizing and admitting visitors into our community. Such privileges carry a responsibility. When you register with the gatehouse, Glenmore grants you an "account" in our gatehouse access system:

There are many benefits to using the app. With more than 900 residences in Glenmore, the volume of phone and email messages to our gatehouse is often quite heavy causing delays in our staff responding to you and is prone to errors. By using the app, you will help our Guards and Supervisor better manage gatehouse traffic. Your GCA Board of Directors and Security Committee highly recommend you download and make use of the app. 

Update or List Your Vehicles for Resident Gate Access

With the new access control system as well as to offload you, our residents and renters, all additions, removals, and changes to your authorized vehicles will be made by our Gatehouse staff.  To help them, please print the appropriate form, below, complete it, and drop off at the gatehouse to have your account updated.
Existing Residents
For new vehicles, changes to license plates, etc., please fill out this form and drop it off at the gatehouse.
Resident Vehicle Update Form.jpg
New Residents
Use this form to register with our gatehouse for the first time and list your vehicles for resident gate access. Simply download it, fill it out, and drop it off at the gatehouse. If easier, you can take a photo of the completed form, attach it to an email, and send it to the email address, above.
New Resident Registration Form.jpg

Contacting Our Gatehouse

If you should ever have problems with our Resident Gate not opening for your vehicle, please stop by the Gatehouse and talk with our Supervisor, Brandon Bilyard Sr.

Likewise, to update your list of vehicles-- adding, selling, changing plates, etc.-- please contact our Gatehouse.

Likewise, you can contact our Gatehouse by phone or email:


Phone:  (434) 977-7019

About the Gatehouse

Glenmore's gatehouse is managed by GCA's Security Committee to ensure that all vehicles and pedestrians entering the community are appropriately authorized and do not pose an obvious security threat to the community.  Our gatehouse is staffed 24x7 by professional and certified security guards provided by Securitas, a nationally recognized security contractor. 

Our residents are a critical element of Glenmore's security posture. Residents are entrusted with keeping a list of 'permanent guests', those relatives or others whom you trust to be admitted to the community at any time without prior notification to the gatehouse. This is a sacred trust and we ask you to responsibly manage this list.

Visitors or contractors visiting your home who are not on your permanent list should be communicated in advance to the gatehouse by email or phone. The guard on duty is required to call the residence before allowing entry to any visitor not authorized in advance.

Bear in mind that the gatehouse staff are not police, are not armed, and are not able to arrest or detain suspicious individuals. The Albemarle County Police Department will provide support for these situations. However, the gatehouse staff will report suspicious activity to the police, and will only permit vehicles to enter the community if they are either known to them or previously authorized as a visitor or guest by a resident.

Please note that any suspicious or criminal activity should be reported first to the police using 911 - do not expect the gatehouse to so on your behalf. You should then inform the gatehouse.

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