Note - This requires a password.  If you don't have a password, or have forgotten it, you can create or reset it  during the login process.

As a Glenmore resident or owner, you may manage your personal gatehouse information on-line, including telling the gatehouse about your expected visitors.  Any changes made on-line are uploaded directly into the gatehouse management system used by the gatehouse.


Click the button to Register Visitors online,  or view/update the following:




            Permanent Guests

            Phone Numbers


            Household Residents

            Emergency Contacts

            Residents directory


Although the preferred way of informing the gatehouse about visitors or changes to your personal information is using the on-line process (above), you are still welcome to contact the gatehouse by email or phone:


Phone:  (434) 977-7019


Glenmore's gatehouse is operated by the GCA on behalf of all residents, and is overseen by the Security Committee.  It is manned 24 hours a day, and its purpose is to ensure that all vehicles entering the community are appropriately authorized, and do not pose an obvious security threat to residents.  We subcontract all staffing and training to Securitas, a nationally recognized security company.

Each residence may keep a list of 'permanent guests', who are those relatives or others whom you trust to be admitted to the community at any time without prior notification to the gatehouse.

Visitors or contractors visiting your home who are not on your permanent list should be communicated in advance to the gatehouse, either by using the on-line link at the top of this page, or by email or phone. The guard on duty is required to call the residence before allowing entry to any visitor not authorized in advance.

The Security Committee issues and maintains written Policies and Procedures which the gatehouse staff are required to follow.

The gatehouse manager has supervised its operation since the early years of the community. Bear in mind that the gatehouse staff are not police, are not armed, and are not able to arrest or detain suspicious individuals. The Albemarle County Police Department will provide support for these situations. However, the gatehouse staff will report suspicious activity to the police, and will only permit vehicles to enter the community if they are either known to them or previously authorized as a visitor or guest by a resident.

The gatehouse is also where you can arrange automated access through the residents' gate. License Plate Recognition (LPR) is used to gain access, and is maintained at no cost to individual residents.  Vehicles can be registered or updated using the on-line link at the top of this page, or by contacting the gatehouse directly. Note that use of this gate is restricted to residents, up to six permanent guests per residence, and country club members and managers.

Please note that any suspicious or criminal activity should be reported first to the police using 911 - do not expect the gatehouse to so on your behalf. You should then inform the gatehouse.