Special Meeting of the GCA Board of Directors-- 13 July 2020

The GCA Board of Directors announces they will hold a special meeting, via the online virtual meeting application, at 4:00 PM on Monday, July 13, to discuss the issue of requiring future building in the Highlands to comply with the Glenmore Architectural and Landscape Guidelines. Contact Tim Durrer of Associa, GCA's administrative partner ( for information on joining the meeting or to request the opportunity to address the Board.

Results of Glenmore Community-Wide Survey

In October 2019, the Glenmore Community Association (GCA), the association representing all of Glenmore residents and homeowners, solicited your views and opinions on a wide variety of topics related to our community. As promised, the results of that survey are posted here for your viewing. 

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6 May Email re: Online Board Meetings


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Events Calendar

July 13 @ 4:00 PM-- Special GCA Board Meeting

July 13 @ 1:30 CARB (online)

July 23 GCA Board (online)

Aug 06 GCA Board Working Sesion (online)

Aug 10 CARB (online)

Aug 20 GCA Board (online)

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Prior to August 2012 the GCA News issued a printed newsletter. You can access these archived editions here.


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