The Glenmore Equestrian Center

988 Glenmore Way

 Keswick, VA


Enjoy country living in the heart of Virginia horse country, only 8 miles east of Charlottesville.  Our Board of Directors are in the process of securing a tenant to offer equestrian services. 

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The Property

The Glenmore Equestrian Center is situated on a 61-acre parcel of land.  The centerpiece of the Equestrian Center is the Main Barn Complex, containing the Main Barn, Tack Room, Pony Barn, Equestrian Office, Rider’s Lounge, and the Barn Manager’s Residence.  Wide drives and a large stone dust parking lot provide ample parking and easy trailer maneuverability.  The Pony Barn, wash pads, Tack Building and several equipment support buildings surround the Main Barn.  The Equestrian Center has two outdoor riding rings, 13 fenced paddocks and four strategically located run-in sheds. The Equestrian Center is owned by the Glenmore Community Association

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The Main Barn

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The Main Barn contains 14,000 square feet and has 27 stalls, 2 feed stalls, 1 washroom, 2 grooming areas and a tack room.  20 stalls are  located in the center section of the Main Barn circled by a wide travel aisle.  7 stalls are attached to the east side of the Main Barn.   The Main Barn is well lit and has excellent ventilation.    

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Equestrian Office & Riders Lounge

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The Equestrian Office and Riders Lounge is attached to the west side of the Main Barn.  The office area provides a  kitchen/break-room with refrigerator, freezer, laundry area, and a ½ half bath. The office has a rear doorway connecting into the Main Barn. The Rider’s Lounge has a fireplace and provides an area for Client meetings or for them to relax.  Clients also enjoy relaxing in the shaded areas in front of the Equestrian Office.

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Barn Manager's Residence

The Barn Manager’s Residence is attached to the rear of the Main Barn and contains approximately 850 square feet.  The residence has one bedroom, one full bathroom, kitchen and living area.  


Tack Building and Pony Barn

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The Tack Building and the Pony Barn are free-standing structures located across a wide drive, east of the Main Barn. The Tack Building also contains a kitchenette and recreational area.  The Pony Barn is a rectangular-shaped building of 2,000 square feet.  This building houses 7 pony stalls, 2 broodmare stalls, maintenance and shaving storage.  

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Riding Rings

The Equestrian Center has two riding rings.  The Lower Riding Ring is approximately 120’ x 120’, or 14,400 square feet, and is located across from the Main Barn. This Riding Ring is well-lit, allowing patrons to enjoy the facility for night riding.  The Upper Riding Range is approximately 360’ x 120’, or 42,600 square feet and is located in the Upper Section of the Equestrian Center. 

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Tractor Storage and Outdoor Storage

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Also located near the Main Barn are the tractor and mower storage building and large, well drained areas for exterior trailer parking and outdoor storage of bulk items.


The Equestrian Center owns various farm equipment,  machines and implements that would be available to the operator, including a zero turn riding mower, Kabota utility vehicle, John Deere 4320 Tractor w 400X Loader 5.01, ring drags, and additional attachments.  

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Overview of Glenmore Equestrian Center

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Pastures, Paddocks & Run-in Sheds

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Fenced Paddocks

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If you are interested in leasing the Glenmore Equestrian Center and would like to tour the property, please contact Ms. Megan Burch at:

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