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Approved Scottish Homes Exterior Colors

Approved paint colors are all from McCormick Paint Charts.  Most are still included in the current McCormick Exterior Paints Card, but those marked with an asterisk can on only be found in the earlier McCormick Colonial Colors Card. However, all colors are available from paint supply stores (Blue Ridge Hardware, Lowes, etc.) Just tell them the color is originally from a McCormick Paint Chart and they will be able to create it for you.

Newport (119)                     Incense (106)
Camden (230)                    Super White(100)
Wheat (108)                        Amber White (101)
Greystone* (110)               Colonial White (118)
Brush Gray* (113)              Cypress* (103)

Incense (106)                     Newport (119)
Amber White (101)            Super White (100)
Wheat (108)                       Greystone* (110)
Brush Gray* (113)

Farmhouse Red (217)         Old Colonial Red (225)
Black (200)                          Georgetown Green (220)
Old Carriage Brown (223) Richmond (233)
Stain - Dark Walnut or Medium Walnut

Black (200)                           Georgetown Green (220)
Old Carriage Brown (223)  Farmhouse Red (217)
Old Colonial Red (225)

Shadow Gray                       Charcoal Black
Rustic Slate

Cedar Shake
Natural                                 Cabot - Driftwood Gray


Approved by the Board of Directors Scottish Homes Association on April 24, 2017. 

These are the original Wade color guidelines approved by the Architectural Review Board for the Scottish Homes.  Other colors may be considered by the Architectural Review Board if they fit into the palette of the approved colors and meet the approval of the Scottish Homes Board. 

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